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Wind Energy

At the GreenYard, we don’t sell you expensive equipment or recommend products that are not proven.  We simply supply independent expertise and advice on what is the best solution for your home, business, farm or community.

We specialise in wind energy, having passed our first wind project in 2003.  We know at first hand the pros and cons of wind turbines.  We know when it stacks up and when it doesn’t.  We believe that a No can be just as necessary as a Yes.

We can help you by;

  • Undertaking detailed wind speed analysis.
  • Conducting a site efficiency assessment.
  • Projecting cost saving and profitable returns.
  • Identifying suitable wind turbine applications.
  • Assessing planning and infrastructure requirements.
  • Identifying grant aid and government incentives.
  • Undertaking environmental surveys and business plans.
  • Taking you through every step until you commission your project.