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Solar PV

Photo voltaic panels are now being touted as a viable renewable energy solution for homes, farms and businesses.  This sudden interest is as a result of a dramatic price reduction on the equipment as opposed to our sunlight hours improving.  Solar PV, however, also comes with a sales pitch.  Care needs to be taken before making an investment.  There are good panels and inferior panels.  There are good installers and there is the one man van approach.  There is also much hype.

At the GreenYard we do not speculate on returns.  We use the latest independently verified information along with accurate met office weather records and site features to calculate if a Photo Voltaic installation is suitable for your farm or business.  Using the latest PV software, we can do the sums, the comparisons and the finances to help you make the correct business decision.

Photo Voltiac panels do offer a good return on investment of 10% to 15% per annum.  The key to a successful project is to cut through the sales pitch and ask the following:Photovoltaic-array

  • Does my site suit;
  • Is my roof favourable for installation;
  • Are there shading factors on site;
  • Are the panels proven and reliable;
  • What inverters are used;
  • Is the installation company experienced;
  • What warranties are in place;
  • Are grants available and
  • What will be my return on investment?

We can provide the answers to the above, compare prices and recommend the best option for your property.

GreenYard PV Services

  • PV Feasibility study and economic appraisal
  • PV Planning Application
  • Grant Advice and Applications
  • Land Rental Options