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NIROCs update

The election of the Conservative Government with a majority vote will have many implications for the UK. The new Government has not wasted anytime in pursuing its own policies. One immediate casualty of the election could well be the Green Energy economy and the UKs approach to climate change. Just this week, The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced its intention to close the R...
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NI ROCs Consultation Response

The widely anticipated decision on the NI ROCs banding levels has been released. A consultation document was released in July 2014 on the banding levels for onshore wind, hydro and anaerobic digestion with a maximum installed capacity up to 5 MW and solar PV up to 250 kW. The main change proposed was the cut in ROCs for PV up to 50 kW from 4 ROCs to 1.6 ROCs and from 2 ROCs on 50-250kW installa...
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NI ROCs consultation update

The following is a response from DETI on the ROCs consultation   "In June 2014, DETI consulted on proposed changes to NIROC banding levels for small scale (up to 250kW) solar PV generating stations from 1 April 2015.  The consultation proposed a reduction from 4 NIROCs to 1.6 NIROCs for solar PV generating stations up to 50kW installed capacity and from 2 NIROCs to 1.6 NIROCs for genera...
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NI ROCs Consultation released

The widely anticipated consultation document outlining proposed changes to the Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) banding levels for onshore wind turbines up to 5MW, Solar PV up to 250kW, Anaerobic Digestion up to 5MW and Hydro up to 5MW has been released. The main changes are outlined below which, if approved, will come into effect on 1st April 2015   ROCs/MWh Technology ...
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