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Under Pressure

Three years ago at a meeting at the Dargan Road premises, NIE highlighted that the local grid would be under pressure to support a large number of single wind generators.  It was suggested that there may only be a possibility of connecting 200 medium sized wind turbines. Scant attention was given to this forewarning. At the time, Anaerobic Digesters and Solar PV arrays were not on the renewables ...
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Financing your project

In our lead article, we allude to the fact that securing project finance is a major obstacle to many farms and businesses. The current difficult borrowing climate is a source of frustration to many.  It may however be a blessing of sorts in hindsight.  “Easy” money has a poor record.  It can encourage unrealistic aspirations, a lack of project diligence and the selling of unsuitable technologies. ...
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Funding Successes

Money, and the lack of it, represent a serious impediment to many on-farm renewable energy projects. For small farm businesses, installing a wind turbine, PV solar array or a biomass burner is often beyond the means of the farm enterprise. There is much talk of finance but the reality of getting a loan is often quite different and many hurdles have to be overcome. At the GreenYard we have been h...
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The Grid Show Stopper

The aspirations of many landowners and renewable energy companies have been severely curtailed of late due to high grid connection quotations.  This situation has arisen due to both our weak grid infrastructure and to the high demand for connection onto the grid in localised areas.  Most of our 11kva grid network can only support a limited number of generating stations which means that where there...
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