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NIRO Consultation – Good news for Small Scale Wind

The following is copied from an email response by DETI:


In September 2015, DETI published a 2 week consultation on proposed early closure of Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation (NIRO) to onshore wind in 2016. This Minister has now published his response to the consultation.

The response confirms closure of the NIRO to large scale onshore wind from 1 April 2016 with exceptions in the form of grace periods for eligible projects. The NIRO will remain open for the time being to small scale wind until further consultation is completed. The Minister will consult further on closure arrangements for small scale onshore wind, which must now be set in the context of DECC’s intention to protect GB consumers if Northern Ireland does not close the NIRO on equivalent terms to GB.

The proposed closure to large scale wind will be adopted in a Renewables Obligation Closure Order (Northern Ireland) 2016 which is intended to come into operation in mid March.
The consultation response can be viewed at: https://www.detini.gov.uk/consultations/closure-niro-new-onshore-wind-2016