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NIRO Closure for Onshore Wind – Summary

Following DETI’s announcement regarding the closure for the Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation (NIRO) to Onshore Wind this morning (30th Sept 15), here is a quick summary of the requirements.

It is proposed that NI follows the GB position by closing the NIRO to new onshore wind from 1 April 2016. This would apply to onshore wind projects of all sizes.

In order to be eligible for the proposed early closure grace period, single wind turbine projects will need to demonstrate that they satisfy all of the grace period conditions as of 30th September 2015

The grace period conditions are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate that they have relevant planning permission dated no later than 30th September 2015
  2. Demonstrate that they have a grid connection offer and acceptance of that offer, both dated no later than 30th September 2015 or confirmation that no grid connection is required
  3. Provide a Director’s Certificate confirming that, as at the 30th September 2015, the developer or proposed operator of the station owns the land on which the station is to be situated or has an option or agreement to lease the land or is party to an exclusivity agreement in relation to the land.

The full document can be found here:

This document is a consultation and is open to consultation responses until 14th October 2015. We encourage everybody to respond to the consultation.