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NIROCs update

The election of the Conservative Government with a majority vote will have many implications for the UK. The new Government has not wasted anytime in pursuing its own policies. One immediate casualty of the election could well be the Green Energy economy and the UKs approach to climate change. Just this week, The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced its intention to close the Renewables Obligation across Great Britain to new onshore wind projects from 1 April 2016.


While this change of policy is not immediately effective in Northern Ireland, the funding of renewable energy initiatives will be hampered by this decision. While the NI Minister – Mr Jonathan Bell – has taken steps to reassure the wind industry in N Ireland, some degree of concern must remain, “I am disappointed by DECC’s decision to end support for onshore wind in 2016, one year earlier than previously planned. This may have implications for how we fund renewables under the current support scheme. This has, understandably, created investor concern in Northern Ireland.”

The last line is key. Investors do not like uncertainty. Finance is critical to ensuring a wind energy project reaches fruition. This decision will make the job of securing finance all the more difficult for NI farmers and businesses. The independent farm renewable energy consultancy – The GreenYard NI – is encouraging all farmers with wind turbines passed to secure their four ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) by getting their project pre accredited with Ofgem.


The GreenYard can help farmers to get their Ofgem documentation in place for and complete the process of accreditation. As a further help to the industry, we can offer to trade your ROCs and green energy via the farming collective – FarmEnergy NI. The latter ensures the best deals for farm businesses where energy use is already a significant part of the farm business.


Contact us for further information on the NIRO ROCs proposals, Ofgem accreditation, finance or any farm energy matter.