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ROCs and Energy Trading

FarmEnergyNI is our green energy trading business. The business acts as a co-op to secure the best returns for members via trading of ROCs, electricity and LECs.

Members can avail of a flat rate payment for their energy based on a 2 or 5 year contract. Members can also trade their ROCS and LECs through FarmEnergyNI at a rate that matches or surpasses any other market offers. Currently, FarmEnergyNI can offer either monthly auction price for ROCs on a two year contract or on a five year contract.

We also offer each member £450 of free advice on renewable energy, sources renewable energy equipment at no extra fee and will undertake all Ofgem accreditation for it members via the GreenYard (NI) Ltd.

FarmEnergyNI is also involved in seeking out best value for its clients on a continual basis. We are continually examining new means of selling green energy and attracting funding to support a co-operative venture that provides green energy for communities and helps lower the carbon footprint of farming. Supported by the knowledge and resources of the GreenYard NI Ltd, we aim to remain true to our ethos of positive, progressive farming.


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